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Listen to Dance Spirit’s inspiring story about a victim of the Boston bombings. Adrienne Haslet-Davis, a ballroom instructor, lost her left foot after the second bombing. She told Dance Spirit that not only does she plan to be dancing again in a year, but plans to run in the race next year, as well.

Traditional and folk dance in Sri Lanka is struggling to continue as a living art because many of the native teachers of these types of dance are dying. Asanga Domask, a Sri Lankan dancer and master teacher, is working to make sure the dance steps are not lost.  She started a program to teach new students old steps. Read more at the Washington Post about her program here.

According the Dance Spirit, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum may be doing a movie musical together.  Not just any movie musical, but Guys and Dolls, which Fox attained the rights to recently. There is no information one when the casting and production will begin.